Supreme Upfit Bodies 

Supreme Corporation has been a leader in truck body manufacturing and custom vehicle solutions – with more than 40 years of experience and 6 manufacturing facilities throughout the United States. They offer a full line of quality products and expert solutions to help your business succeed. With a Supreme truck body, you’ll be confident that you and your customers are using one of the best quality products on the road.

They have manufacturing, service, sales, and distribution locations across the country. Plus, they have a national network of authorized dealers, which continues to grow.

Supreme Bodies


Supreme’s Signature Van Body
Durable and strong, Supreme’s Signature Van Body – available in a variety of sizes – can handle a range of payloads to help you get the job done, no matter what you’re hauling. From top to bottom, front to back, inside and out, everything you’ve demanded in a truck body is here – and then some. 

Supreme’s Iner-City
Supreme sets the benchmark for cutaway truck bodies. Featuring a cab-access door, flat floor, and tight turning radius, our tough, sturdy Iner-City cutaway is ideal for shorter, multi-delivery routes, effortlessly carrying your cargo. Versatile and rugged, the Iner-City helps you get through the workday with dependable efficiency.

Supreme’s Spartan Cargo
The Spartan Cargo is a cutaway that’s an excellent solution for multi-stop deliveries in cities and other tight places. The low-profile design and exceptional maneuverability make for a smooth ride. Practical and comfortable, with room to stand up straight inside, the Spartan Cargo is all business.

Supreme’s Spartan Service
Built to save time, the Spartan Service truck body delivers convenience. You’ll find compartments and custom shelving to keep you organized, and a large, bright work space that provides shelter from the elements while at the worksite. You can even work standing up inside, and the low-profile design allows easy access to your cargo and equipment.

Supreme’s Kold King
When transporting perishable cargo, you need a solution that protects your products and maximizes operating efficiencies: The Kold King. Available in a variety of sizes, it can be adjusted from single-and mid-temperature to deep-frozen, multi-temperature applications. Thermally efficient, customizable, and built to stand up to the rigorous demands of multi-stop refrigerated delivery, the Kold King is a smart choice for transporting a variety of products.

Supreme’s Platform/Stake
Simplify the loading and transporting of a variety of weather-resistant materials with Supreme’s Platform truck. Plus, you can easily add removable stakes for extra flexibility in securing cargo. Durable and versatile, it’s popular with roofing, lumber, pipe, construction, and lawn care companies, as well as golf courses, nurseries, farms, and park and recreation departments. And with so many choices to consider – from the type of stakes you prefer to the range of bulkheads – we’ll work with you to customize the vehicle you need to help make your business work.

Supreme’s Curtainside
Used to forklift load when no dock is available, the Curtainside has the cargo-loading advantages of a platform truck combined with the protection of an enclosed van for superb functionality. It features three -position knee action rolling side posts and extra-quick closer options to simplify side-loading.

Supreme’s Moving
Moving furniture is easier with this truck body. Designed with maximum cubic carrying capacity, the double-slotted logistic posts keep your cargo secure, and the varnished floors, walls, and ceilings allow smoother loading and unloading.