Rockport Commercial Trucks

In 2002, Rockport Commercial Vehicles was founded in Elkhart, Indiana, as part of Forest River’s vision to build better commercial vehicles. After beginning with just a few Ford cutaway chassis, Rockport has since grown to become Ford’s largest bailment pool for PDV chassis. Now with inventories of Ford, Chevrolet, GMC & RAM ProMaster cutaway chassis, Rockport has one of the most extensive selections of chassis configurations in the industry.

Rockport Upfits in Our Inventory


Rockport’s Pockport (The Rock) Van Body
With quality and flexibility as a leading consideration, Rockport is pushing the bar higher with industry leading innovations built into every Rockport body. Features include Aluminum or FRP construction, Aluminum or Translucent Roofing; various flooring options include Laminated Hardwood with interlocking joints for maximum strength, Extruded Aluminum, Marine Grade Plywood and Steel or Aluminum Treadplate Overlay. Many other available options allow you to customize The Rock to best suit the needs of your specific application for many years of reliable service. 

Rockport’s Pockport LE Van Body
Equipped for the value minded consumer, the LE is based off of the Rockport body with basic equipment and limited options. Standard features include aluminum sidewall construction, aluminum roof and painted 1 1/8″ plywood floor with interlocking joints for maximum strength. These limited features allow Rockport Commercial Vehicles to offer an alternative to meet or exceed you delivery & budget requirements. 

Rockport’s Cargoport Van Body
Built for the value minded operator whose focus is a well-constructed box with functionality as the main aspect. Low floor entry height and available side and rear door configurations, make Cargoport popular for vocations that include multi-stop deliveries. Cargoport’s flexibility allows the operator to customize this unit if needed creating a vehicle that’s tailored to your specific vocation. 

Rockport’s Parcelport Van Body
Designed around a focus group of operators, Parcelport was created from the feedback of the Parcel Delivery Industry. Operators shared their experiences about products they used on a daily basis, what worked for them and what didn’t. We listened, took notes and brought the Parcelport to market. Parcelport incorporates many standard features such as Rocktop fiberglass wind fairing, rubberized flooring to keep cargo clean, dry and provide increased foot traction, translucent roof for increased interior light, an exclusive 29” aluminum rear drop floor for a lower ease of entry. Available side and rear door options and various shelving packages help make Parcelport the perfect fit. 

Rockport’s Workport Van Body
A true workshop on wheels, the ergonomically designed Workport provides both an exceptional and functional way to service your customers. A stand up interior height, heavy duty door hinges and integrated rear access ladders are just a few aspects customers favor. The exterior compartments provide ease of access with the convenience of available power locks to keep valuable cargo secure at the push of a button. The flexible Workport can be tailored to your specific needs with available shelving, lighting, accessibility, cargo control and many other features to make this product truly unique to your line of work.