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Team Members


Mark Ronnebaum

Commercial Sales Manager

Office Phone: 913-489-5116
Fax: 913-829-1804

David Hill

Commercial Sales

Office Phone: 913-815-2225
Fax: 913-829-1804

Debi Jones

Commercial Sales

Office Phone: 913-815-2224
Fax: 913-829-1804

Chris Lawson

Commercial Sales

Office Phone: 913-815-2226
Cell Phone: 417-288-9649
Fax: 913-829-1804

Kert Rabe

Commercial Sales

Office Phone: 913-489-5117
Fax: 913-829-1804

John Kennedy

Commercial Sales

Office Phone: 913-982-7434
Fax: 913-829-1804

Phillip Black

Commercial Sales

Cell Phone: 417-766-5088
Fax: 913-829-1804

Bob Rundberg

Upfit coordinator

Office Phone: 913-312-0079
Fax: 913-829-1804

Gina Kowalewski

Work Truck Admin.

Cell Phone: 913-815-2052
Fax: 913-829-1804

Demarr Knight


Office Phone: 913-312-0079
Fax: 913-829-1804

Truck Types Commonly In Stock at Olathe Ford

Box Truck
Contractor Trucks
Covered Utility Vans
Crane/Mechancis Trucks
Dump Trucks
Flatbed Trucks

We Finance

Landscape Trucks

Shipping Arranged.

Service Trucks

Olathe Ford Commercial Work Trucks

Olathe Ford’s your source for new and used commercial trucks and cargo vans. They are a member of the Ford Commercial Vehicle Center(CVC). CVC represents the highest level a dealership can attain in the Ford Commercial Truck Division. The CVC level requires advanced training for their sales and service personnel so that they can better help with your specific commercial truck needs. CVC’s are trained to both sell and service the mainstay of the commercial truck industry, F-750, F-650, F-550, F-450, F-350, F-250 and F-150 trucks. For new and used commercial trucks and cargo vans there is no place like Olathe Ford. We have been servicing Kansas City, Topeka, Lawrence and surrounding areas since 1955. We typically have in our inventory box trucks, dump trucks, service trucks, covered utility vans, platform trucks, contractor trucks, cargo vans, as well as chassis and pickup trucks. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we can help you find it with our national network of commercial dealerships.

Olathe Ford - Your Commercial Truck Center

We have access to hundreds of work trucks from other dealerships and body companies.  We can often get your needed truck in just a few days. 

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